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Mobile Service Fleet

VSL Industrial Air Ltd. provides highly skilled technicians for troubleshooting, maintenance service and on-site training to compressed air equipment. VSL Industrial Air Ltd.’s top priority is to troubleshoot and diagnose your air system in a cost efficient and economical manner. Our service team travels within Edmonton and surrounding areas daily with a comprehensively stocked truck, equipped with a wide range of repair parts related to our customers individual needs. VSL Industrial Air Ltd. has been successfully supplying quality products and service to our  customers for more than 22 years.

Air Line Installation & Plumbing

Custom air line distribution on a large scale for new building construction or small scale modifications as needed for new  & existing equipment installations.

Custom Units

Quincy 340 pump, Manchester Tank 80 gallon receiver, Baldor 7.5HP TEFC motor, Square D starter
DV Systems B5 rotary screw units (2), Manchester Tank 240 gallon receiver, DV Systems Ecotron Sequencer
DV Systems 123 pump, Manchester Tank 30 gallon receiver, Baldor 1HP TEFC motor, Square D starter
Customized parts kits made at VSL Industrial Air Ltd. to suit your individual requirements. Kellogg valve kit shown above.
Devair 247 pump, 80 gallon receiver, Baldor XP 5HP motor, Adalet explosion proof enclosure
DV Systems 123 pump, DV Systems oil monitor
Curtis E23 pumps (2), Manchester Tank 120 gallon receiver, Baldor 3HP TEFC motors, Square D starters & alternator

Delivery & Placement

VSL Industrial Air Ltd. can provide basic in town delivery, out of town transport shipments and deliveries to more complex locations requiring lift trucks, picker trucks and industrial crane lifts. Our customers can expect their equipment on site, on time and within budget.

Maintenance Service

Air line element inspection
VSL Industrial Air Ltd. can provide basic and major maintenance service to meet our customers specifications and requirements. OEM parts, manufacturer’s maintenance kits and quality materials are supplied ensuring proper warranty and overall equipment longevity.
Oil sample analysis taken with every service
Air line moisture indicator, inspect and replace if required
Reciprocating compressor valve inspection

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Quincy Pump Overhaul

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DV Systems 447 Pump Cylinder Inspection & Pump Overhaul

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High Pressure Ingersol Rand 2 Stage Rotary Screw Compressor Repair

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